Grad Night

Safe and Sober Grad Night 2021 Information Coming Soon

What is the Grad Night Celebration program?

Each year, the Carlmont PTSA sponsors a Grad Night Celebration for the graduating class to be together in a safe environment. There is food, entertainment, and lots of activities, but most of all, it’s a chance to relax and enjoy being together one last time before going off to whatever the future holds. It is open to all graduating seniors in good standing and eligible to walk in the CHS Graduation Ceremony, including CHS Middle College students.

Students arrive at Carlmont during the early evening on the day of graduation and board buses that whisk them away to an undisclosed location (a closely-guarded secret known to the Senior Class Parent Committee, the Principal, the PTSA President, and the PTSA Treasurer) to revel with their classmates. Buses return to campus in the wee hours of the morning to disgorge Carlmont’s new alums, sleepy, and ready to be picked up by parents.

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